Shopping Sav(e)iour | Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai

When you think of Diwali, you probably envision sweets, crackers and movie new release. All correct and awesome but let’s not forget one of the most popular staples of the Diwali: SHOPPING.  No shopping trip for Diwali is complete without visiting shopping malls. The FORUM VIJAYA MALL, is one of those conveniently located behemoths, filled … Continue reading Shopping Sav(e)iour | Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai


Navratri Fashion- Decoded

The festive season is here and so is the aesthetic fashion.  Check out my take on the edgy ways to look fashionable ,this navratri festival without shelling out extra money. Make up : With changing fashion, most of us have forgotten, how much impact can a small bindi make ( small means not microscopic small) … Continue reading Navratri Fashion- Decoded

Plaid Palette

Plaid is a color effect created when multi-color vertically running stripes, intersect with multi color horizontal stripes. (Ok I googled this ;). Plaid patterns are not just the result of magic of color interplay; they are anthropological documentation, woven yarn reflecting era and legend. Who can forget the" Enda Color Enda Colour" Jothika's Ad  for RMKV … Continue reading Plaid Palette

Change your Style ! You are Married !

As a women, should we all change the way we dress when we get married? For some women, fashion is about self -expression and as such, they shouldn’t lose dominion over their own personal style because of their walk to the altar. Many women choose to tone down provocative or even suggestive dressing when they … Continue reading Change your Style ! You are Married !


“The famous international brand is now in INDIA” we must have heard this line so many times. I have immense trust on all the international brands, but at the same time how many of us actually believe that there are  array of Indian brands, who are equally good in quality , sometimes better than the … Continue reading Be INDIAN, Buy INDIAN.

Burn the SALE , not your WALLET

The EOSS has started in full swing, With every “sale”, however, there are many problems that you could encounter, making shopping difficult instead of fun. So, before you head out to the next big sale, here are several hacks you should keep in mind to get the most out of your shopping spree. *Clear out … Continue reading Burn the SALE , not your WALLET

Trend Focus :BOHO

The boho chic trend is still going strong out here on these fashionable streets. Yeah, it’s been around awhile. You can pretty much spot out the trend.The boho chic always looks like natural, homegrown chic---as though you rolled over, grabbed the first thing out of your wardrobe and it just so happened to be absolutely … Continue reading Trend Focus :BOHO