Food trend |Deconstructed Cafe

Deconstructed food is an art form; a style of preparation that is playful ,different and absolutely delicious, with each component its own complete masterpiece. What deconstructed food is not is all the ingredients of a dish splayed out like an assembly line with an instructional sheet. The trend has been growing and morphing for years. And … Continue reading Food trend |Deconstructed Cafe


Tantalize your palate

"Pakwan Chennai" will tantalize your palate. I was recently invited by them to try their menu which boasts some  rich aromatic gravies, delectable mains and sinful desserts. The availability of a plethora option purely for vegetarians is mind blowing. The colorful and eclectic art at reflects  serene traditional moods, providing the ideal ambiance for savoring … Continue reading Tantalize your palate

Talk Less ,Eat More | Gossip Bistro

Two fundamentals of a great cafe are hospitality and quality and they are the foundations of Gossip Bistro. This café has seriously considered how much influence and love people has for food and to Gossip 😉 as you will see it from the impressive choice of food and mouth watering desert selection. Mentioning about the … Continue reading Talk Less ,Eat More | Gossip Bistro

Shopping Sav(e)iour | Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai

When you think of Diwali, you probably envision sweets, crackers and movie new release. All correct and awesome but let’s not forget one of the most popular staples of the Diwali: SHOPPING.  No shopping trip for Diwali is complete without visiting shopping malls. The FORUM VIJAYA MALL, is one of those conveniently located behemoths, filled … Continue reading Shopping Sav(e)iour | Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai

Navratri Fashion- Decoded

The festive season is here and so is the aesthetic fashion.  Check out my take on the edgy ways to look fashionable ,this navratri festival without shelling out extra money. Make up : With changing fashion, most of us have forgotten, how much impact can a small bindi make ( small means not microscopic small) … Continue reading Navratri Fashion- Decoded

I have to :( but i dont want to ;)

Do you have a full time job? Are your parents supporting you? You must be having at least 2 maids at home!, Are you in touch with everyone ? Why are you guys eating out every day? You cannot save any money ?  Wait are you even living with your husband. ? Is he even … Continue reading I have to 😦 but i dont want to 😉

Yours Realistically, Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth is a demi-god to half the nation, a superhero to the rest and a flamboyant icon across seas. If asked to most of his fans what is their favourite movie of Thalaivar ? The answer from the mass audience would be Baasha or Enthiran or Shivaji. Some would even mention his stellar performance from … Continue reading Yours Realistically, Rajinikanth