Effortless Chic

Fashion is nothing if not cyclical and there’s no shortage of trends in the space, seemingly everywhere or micro ones that come and go in the blink of an eye.  This very moment that fashion is having right now, though, FEELS SO GOOD!  I’m super into these wide legged palazzo, boxy tops and these minimalist boho vibes in ways that can only be described as I’ve had to put my credit card on lock down obsession.

Another thing I’m into? Chokers.  I  know, I never thought I’d say it either, but they’re just so good and for someone who is an accessory minimalist like myself, they’re a very one and done ensemble addition, which I love.

Fashion is for all budgets, so i have given my options on Saving, Spending and Splurging on these Chokers.

SAVE on Basics:

The tattoo choker and the lace chokers are the prime type, the must haves in chokers , this could be styled induvidually or can be used as a base for layering your bohemian fashion.

These beauties can be brought at rock bottom prices from Amazon.in

Tattoo Choker: Click here (Rs-150)

Lacy Love : Click here (Rs-220)

SPEND on Layers :

Bohemian style is all about layering , hipness of choker can be ornamented by layering, ruff yet chic jewellery

You can shop the from here or this personal favorite of mine from Koovs

SPLURGE on Statement : 

Versatile is a key for any fashion accessorize, a single neckwear that can we worn with indian clothes and with western is a win – win from both the side. As Jyothika says in her recent ad, ” Onnu potalum summa best ah podanum

The sutle bling and bold one piece is a must have in every girls jewel box. Pair them with your plain Kurtis’s, LLB’s and even with plain sarees.

These swanky pieces usually cost around Rs 750 to Rs 1000, but its an investment worth making . You can shop good quality statement pieces from PipaBella


Fashion again is all about having a personal style, and bohemian chokers can be DIY-ed, and the craft knowledge that is required for this is school level. You have millions of videos on such Chokers, but i found this more easy and quick. Check her video and let me know in the comment section how useful was this post.


Disclaimer :

This is not a sponsored post of any websites linked above, this blog is just my interpretation on the current trending style.

Su-Real- Scribbling a.k.a SruthiRaj



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