Burn the SALE , not your WALLET

The EOSS has started in full swing, With every “sale”, however, there are many problems that you could encounter, making shopping difficult instead of fun. So, before you head out to the next big sale, here are several hacks you should keep in mind to get the most out of your shopping spree.

*Clear out your closet – Do a full wardrobe spring clean and be brutal. Try everything on, throw out those items you’ve been holding on to for years in the hope that you’ll fit into them again some day – they’re only taking up valuable space in your wardrobe

*Make a list: I always make a list of all things that I need after cleaning my closet.  Without a shopping list, I become a ship without a rudder and come back with loads of useless junk, not to mention, an empty wallet!

*Think long term  -Think ahead to next season to get a head start and look for neutrals and basics that you will get lots of wear out of throughout the year like Nude Pumps, Casual Kurtas, A crisp white shirt and A large tan coloured handbag

*Avoid any OTT trend-led items-That yellow off-the-shoulder blouse with pom-pom trim is lovely, but it’s likely only to get a few wears before you grow bored.

*Stay Away From Offers Like Buy Three Get One Free-If you have a list that said only one t-shirt, trust me, that’s all you actually need! Such offers are a great bargain only if you need to buy stuff in bulk . . Don’t blindly pick up things simply because their price tag screams ‘buy me’.

*Pay with cash-The research is clear: we pay 20 – 50% more when we shop with magic plastic, whether it’s using a credit or debit card. So once your list is prepared and you have a realistic budget you can stick to, withdraw your funds in cash and use only that cash for this shopping trip. Paying with cash feels more “real” and that’s what we want.

*Look around and compare-Before you make that purchase, shop around, visit different stores and compare prices. Most of the time, the first place that you see an item in isn’t the cheapest. If you want to make the most from the discounts, find the store that offers the best marked-down prices.

*Cost per wear(CPW)- If you are not 100% sure about the item and only purchasing it just because it is on sale, think (CPW) ,Price of item divided by the number of times you wear it – this equals the true Cost Per Wear. So if an item is reduced to Rs 2,000 and you only wear it once, the item will cost you 2,000 to wear.Whereas if the item is reduced to Rs2,000 and you wear it 20 times, it will cost you Rs.200 per wear giving you much better value.

*Do i really need it -Think ‘would I buy this if it was full price?’ If the answer is no, then you probably don’t want it that much. Put it back!

*Co-ords-If you have an item at home that you do not wear because you have nothing to wear with it, bring it with you when shopping in the sales to see if you can match something with it and try the full outfit on together in the fitting room before making a purchase.

Practice these tips so that you can bag a really good deal during the sales. These tips will not only help you to shop smartly, they will also make you popular among your peers. So happy shopping and saving too.

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Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post 

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12 thoughts on “Burn the SALE , not your WALLET

  1. It took me back to college days, your shopaholic tendencies and my frequent visits to tailor shop to get ur dresses stitched.This is mature, marriage obviously agrees with you. Very well written, keep going. I’m indeed a proud friend.


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