Disclaimer : This is an entertainment show daww, its fully scripted, Kamal is been paid to talk like that, people with such opinions , I have huge respect for you, but unfortunately  this blog is not going to help you ,  #oviyaarmy , Gay3 haters , Maruthuva mutam trollers etc can read this. Almost everyone … Continue reading STOP JUDGING, START LEARNING – BIG BOSS


Totally TeeTotal

Are you looking for a cool, swanky and fun loving place to hang out with your friends at OMR ? You don't need to look too far . EVOKE brings you The Brew ! Evoke is probably the only place for some  food and beverage facility , that is conceptualized to cater all set of People ( … Continue reading Totally TeeTotal

Plaid Palette

Plaid is a color effect created when multi-color vertically running stripes, intersect with multi color horizontal stripes. (Ok I googled this ;). Plaid patterns are not just the result of magic of color interplay; they are anthropological documentation, woven yarn reflecting era and legend. Who can forget the" Enda Color Enda Colour" Jothika's Ad  for RMKV … Continue reading Plaid Palette

I have to :( but i dont want to ;)

Do you have a full time job? Are your parents supporting you? You must be having at least 2 maids at home!, Are you in touch with everyone ? Why are you guys eating out every day? You cannot save any money ?  Wait are you even living with your husband. ? Is he even … Continue reading I have to 😦 but i dont want to 😉

My Dream Husband

As a little girl, I use to dream of the man for whom I’d be his “good thing.” I wondered, ‘How will he look? How will he treat me? Will he be able to make me laugh?’ and all thanks to Tamil cinema which has always been a great influence in showcasing how an ideal … Continue reading My Dream Husband


South Indian cuisine? But isn’t all Indian food the same?” you might ask. Vegetarian meals are the norm in the south, so much so that southern Indian cuisine is a vegetarian’s dream. DAKSHINAPURAM,OMR, is one of the restaurants in Chennai  for south Indian fare. Going beyond—but not excluding—the ubiquitous dosa and idli, this restaurans stay true … Continue reading Simply South | DAKSHINAPURAM

HAMSA | Fine Dining Realm

How do you recognize a fine dining restaurant from a simply posh one? Is it the number of forks (more than you can count or use)? Is it the immaculate white linens and tablecloths? A fine dining restaurant clearly sets itself apart from other restaurants on three main grounds: food, customer service and ambience. But … Continue reading HAMSA | Fine Dining Realm