Change your Style ! You are Married !

As a women, should we all change the way we dress when we get married? For some women, fashion is about self -expression and as such, they shouldn’t lose dominion over their own personal style because of their walk to the altar. Many women choose to tone down provocative or even suggestive dressing when they get married, changing the way they dress is seen as changing who they are.

Im married and my husband always respects my decision to dress how  I want. Well  that’s what he was attracted to in the first place, right?.

 So instead debating on this, I want to give a few tips on how you can be stylish yet comfortable. I’m not a  fashionista , I don’t own many ( a have a few 😛 ) luxury brands , and all my pics were shot on a mobile camera, ( because these photos were not clicked just for the blog, this is my on the go style, depending upon the mood )


What? You can wear one piece all, after wedding :P. REALLY ? What will the society think about you !( I don’t care what society thinks, Feminism:P) But while wearing or choosing a skater dress, I follow a few tips.

  • Get a size bigger, ( the dress wont hug your body, but instead will accentuate your shape)
  • Try ¾ sleeves ( It hides those cheesecake arms )
  • Go for classic ones (plains, or striped. Don’t try anything ambitious)
Put on some dark lipstick and carry a fringe bag 
If you don’t want to flaunt your legs, go for a skinny stockings , btw those shoes are from KOOVS 


Internet is almost crashing with this BOHO look, Off shoulders – boxy tops -high low transparent and  backless , but there is this simple way which I use to flaunt my Boho Trend, it is  to play on Bold colours, with those fringes. Bathik printed top with pockets on it and some fringe detailing screamed BOHO, I paired it with ankle length leggings.

Messy hair and these road side jewellery is all what you need – BOHO MODE
Pockets on Kurti’s gives you that extra boho edge.



We cant wear a Boho or a frock to work :P( We can ;) but we will be the talk of the day for unnecessary reason :P. I always prefer some 100% cotton kurta with very minimalist accessories. But while picking those kurtas, I concentrate either on colours which are in trend now , or some delicate prints, and the concept of layering .

Extremely simple , yet stylish. My mum’s Aldo bag and that Police watch gives mt that emotional connect
Sindhoor and my wedding ring , my work wear must haves.

Not every woman would agree. Some women believe that dressing modest is a part of respecting the boundaries of marriage and I equally respect that . 

What’s your opinion, Is there a certain way married women should dress? Should women change to a more demure style of dress once they’ve said their vows?

Let me know in the comment section below

P.S: My clothes  were sponsored by Unlimited Stores, you can check their website by clicking here,  however the opinions are my own and this post does not  advertise the product/service.

Su.Real.Scribbling . a.k.a Sruthiraj


3 thoughts on “Change your Style ! You are Married !

  1. Well Shru everything is right from ur heart and this is how every working women would prefer to dress up ..nice one Shru yet another good blog 😘


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