Trend Focus :BOHO

The boho chic trend is still going strong out here on these fashionable streets. Yeah, it’s been around awhile. You can pretty much spot out the trend.The boho chic always looks like natural, homegrown chic—as though you rolled over, grabbed the first thing out of your wardrobe and it just so happened to be absolutely gorgeous. It also has the benefit of being versatile enough to look entirely fairy-esque and enchanting one moment and super backwoods the next. The following are my wardrobe staples for Boho.

A Printed Maxi Dress:

These type of long dress that’s printed in the bohemian style. You can  keep the rest of your look fairly simple when wearing such maxis. A great boho necklace or a good pair of earrings will be enough to compliment such dress. It’s worth investing in a boho dress that has a good fit and is made of a durable material so that you can wear it again and again.

You can find amazing quality maxi dress within Rs. 1000 from here

Maxi skirts:

Maxi skirts are one of the essential pieces you should get your hands on if you’re building a Boho wardrobe that you’ll be using for the summer. They’re very feminine and chic and they’re so light so they’re great for summer. Wear them with anything from a simple tank top to a romantic lace shirt and you have yourself a minimalist Boho look.

One stop solutions for trendy maxi skirts : FOREVER 21 (worth the investment)


Peasant and tunic tops can be found in any bohemian fanatic’s wardrobe. Choose styles with embroidery, pom poms, paisley or geometric prints. Tunics look fab with leggings and knee length boots

I would want to keep a minimal budget on my tunics say between Rs 300 to 500, so i get to buy 2 to 3 tunics and style them in different ways, you can shop such budget friendly tunics from Myntra

Flared jeans:

The Boho look isn’t all about skirts and dresses. You can wear jeans, too,  but not just any kind of jeans, though. Skinny jeans are a bit too contemporary for the Boho look so opt for flared ones instead. They’re quite flattering, too, so you should have no problem wearing them no matter what your body type is. And wait you can by them for as low as Rs 700 from here

A Versatile Vest:

Vests are awesome because they add pizzazz to so many different pieces in your closet. Try them with floral minidresses, simple maxi dresses, or even a plain t-shirt. The combinations are endless!

“W for Women ” has some stunning vests( few are even reversible) shop them by clicking Here

I have put a more modern and chic spin on the bohemian style of yesteryear. Sure, these are the hints of that hippie style that makes boho what it is but it can be done much more glamorous style so that the modern woman can feel fashionable.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post for MYNTRA, just that i have shopped so much from them it was easier for me to pick suggestion. They are Rockstars in Quality and Affordability. 

Please comment below your style.

Su-real- Scribblings a.k.a SruthiRaj







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