Disclaimer : This is an entertainment show daww, its fully scripted, Kamal is been paid to talk like that, people with such opinions , I have huge respect for you, but unfortunately  this blog is not going to help you ,  #oviyaarmy , Gay3 haters , Maruthuva mutam trollers etc can read this. Almost everyone … Continue reading STOP JUDGING, START LEARNING – BIG BOSS


Food trend |Deconstructed Cafe

Deconstructed food is an art form; a style of preparation that is playful ,different and absolutely delicious, with each component its own complete masterpiece. What deconstructed food is not is all the ingredients of a dish splayed out like an assembly line with an instructional sheet. The trend has been growing and morphing for years. And … Continue reading Food trend |Deconstructed Cafe

Alaipayuthey vs Kaatru Veliyidai

Mani sir’s creation is a perfect example of the saying “Quality over quanity”, He has only directed close to 25 movies in a career spanning up to 34 years. A gem of a director who has a great celluloid vision, has been the point of adulation for many film enthusiast because of his subtle human … Continue reading Alaipayuthey vs Kaatru Veliyidai

A Story told by a CHEF !

So what cuisine are you guys in the mood for? Everytime if I had to ask this question, or answer this question , The easiest , satisfying answer would be PIZZA. When I was invited by Chef’s story to try their offering , the PIZZA part of the story was the suprising and stunning. Chef’s … Continue reading A Story told by a CHEF !

Shopping Sav(e)iour | Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai

When you think of Diwali, you probably envision sweets, crackers and movie new release. All correct and awesome but let’s not forget one of the most popular staples of the Diwali: SHOPPING.  No shopping trip for Diwali is complete without visiting shopping malls. The FORUM VIJAYA MALL, is one of those conveniently located behemoths, filled … Continue reading Shopping Sav(e)iour | Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai

Totally TeeTotal

Are you looking for a cool, swanky and fun loving place to hang out with your friends at OMR ? You don't need to look too far . EVOKE brings you The Brew ! Evoke is probably the only place for some  food and beverage facility , that is conceptualized to cater all set of People ( … Continue reading Totally TeeTotal

I have to :( but i dont want to ;)

Do you have a full time job? Are your parents supporting you? You must be having at least 2 maids at home!, Are you in touch with everyone ? Why are you guys eating out every day? You cannot save any money ?  Wait are you even living with your husband. ? Is he even … Continue reading I have to 😦 but i dont want to 😉