Plaid Palette

Plaid is a color effect created when multi-color vertically running stripes, intersect with multi color horizontal stripes. (Ok I googled this ;). Plaid patterns are not just the result of magic of color interplay; they are anthropological documentation, woven yarn reflecting era and legend.

Who can forget the” Enda Color Enda Colour” Jothika’s Ad  for RMKV ? 

This stunning piece is also a technological marvel, but the prominent Orange gives the saree a bold look and calms down the colour splash


Recently Keerthi Suresh’s sister got married and the Plaid ( Checks) saree which she wore , almost broke the Instagram ( Kylie, who is she 😛 ) It was a very simple Pink and Green contrast small checks pattu saree, matching accessory with  minimal makeup and puff blouse . She was effortlessly gorgeous. 

If you notice, Keerty has her look centered around PINK colour. 

Plaids usually is one of the easiest way to stand out of the crowd. With very minimal effort , your saree can do all the talking. But there are a few tips to keep in mind when you style a checks saree. I wore a MULTICOLOUR checks saree for an event in my wedding and that saree was the most complimented one.

  My multicolour big block saree was from VARAMAHALAKSHI . 

I am no fashion expert, but I do have a few tips and tricks which you can remember when you wearing a checks saree.

The biggest fear people have when they want to  style a checks saree is will they look like a clown with so much of colours in it. The easiest way to neutralize the colour bast is to concentrate on the blouse and jewellery. The whole checks palette will have a base colour. Get your blouse done in that colour .Ensure the blouse is simple and well fitted. Go for short sleeves or puff or even sleeveless. 3/4 sleeves will virtually make your body look shapeless ( how ever slim you are )

If you can see in the above picture, it looks nothing but like an apron, the plaids attention got distracted by the blouse color and Don’t wear loud jewelry, since the saree is bright and poppy, Wear subtle and simple ones. But ensure your simple ones doesn’t make you look like a waitress ( ref above picture).

Coming to  your hair style, braid your hair. It gives you that traditional edge .Dont try anything out of the box, remember your saree is the show stopper.

The visual representation of my tips 

Make up can get a bit tricky here, as you have loads of colour options, the safest game would be to stick on to neutrals.

Most importantly be confident in what you wearing. Its your choice and you should believe  that you can carry it with ease.


Because sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour ❤

Disclaimer : The information on this blog is based upon my personal opinion, experience, and research.All photographs and content are property of Su-Real -Scribbling. If you would like to share any of my posts or photos, I ask that you please link them back to my original post or blog.

Su-Real- Scribbling a.k.a SruthiRaj





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