“The famous international brand is now in INDIA” we must have heard this line so many times. I have immense trust on all the international brands, but at the same time how many of us actually believe that there are  array of Indian brands, who are equally good in quality , sometimes better than the international ones . I have listed below my top 4  favourite INDIAN brands that is no lesser than its contemporaries

HIMALAYAS HERBAL :unnamed (22)

Who in INDIA has not tired their very famous NEEM WASH ? The default teenager face wash award has to go to Himalayas neem one. But the product which wowed me is their OIL CLEAR FOAMING FASH WASH. Priced at Rs190, this is a perfect dupe , oh wait ! PERFECT REPLACEMENT for the Neutrogena oil clear or even the Avene . There are tons of reviews about this product all over internet. They have something for Men also, ( my husband uses this religiously) and he feels its worth the price.




LOTUS HERBAL :unnamed (19)

Usually, HERBAL products tend to be expensive in the market. 100% Herbal= 100% increase in the price. NO, let’s get real. If we really want 100% herbal product we got to DIY it J . In my search of affordable yet result giving skin care products, I found out LOTUS. This Indian brand has variety of Skin care and Makeup products. Though their makeup’s aren’t hat commendable. Their Skin care range is worth the money. Personal recommendation : TEA TREE FACE PACK.






Colour kajals and Bright lipsticks are totally in now ( don’t have both at the same time in your face ). This indian brand shines like a star in both these categories at throwaway prices. Bright lipsticks can get tricky, investing too much money and not using them is every girls #brokeforlife story.unnamed (20)

LAKME’s satin range , has these bold colours at killer prices. I own a PURPLE and a DARK MAROON(like really dark) . The Purple was a win for me , but unfortunately the Maroon didn’t suit me, which i have converted as a cream contour stick 😛


The baap of INDIAN BRAND 😛 .They have plethora of products for Skin and Hair, and Youtube is stuffed with PATHAJALI HAUL ( you can by some 10 products for Rs1000) , but as a starter , you can try their Multipurpose AloeVera Gel and that handy , wearable kajal.

unnamed (21)


India is a developing country and every international brand is eyeing to make their entry here. I respect them and I’m no way lesser than everyone else for patronizing them. ( Im saving money to get an URBAN DECAY). But at the same time ,we can try these Indian brands and Recommend them . Believe in them.  The market does make quality product. Did I miss any other brand ? Do you have any favorites ? Let me know in the comments section below .

For Su.Real.Scribbling a.k.a Sruthiraj


8 thoughts on “Be INDIAN, Buy INDIAN.

  1. I’ve used products of all the brands you have used.. except the path anjali….one…..looking forward to use it soon….
    Lovely blog….:):)


  2. Nicely written post. but I disagree on the central theme. Honestly nothing to be proud of when I use an Indian brand compared to a Chinese/US brand. Even if its a US brand, and manufactured in India, you have only Indian employees working on it. So basically its gonna hit only them if sales drop.
    Second the Pathanjali brand is a big fake. They have been marketing under the name of “organic” and selling fake stuffs, out dated items and even inorganic foods.. Dont trust them at all.. I have banned the use of Pathanjali in my house completely

    Btw i have written a post (slightly opposite to what you wrote ) . Do check it out


    1. Pathanjali * fakeness* – not sure how much i can believe it on. I have PERSONALLY tried and still using the kajal and the aloe gel. no complaints. I never mentioned in my post that they are organic, and fully herbal. They cant be . Which i knew !


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