Rahman- Ratnam Magic

I can watch anything Mani Ratnam makes. I liked even Kadal! Heck, I even liked Abhishek Bachchan as Raavan 😛 , But being the master that Mani Ratnam is, he uses simple things that people can relate to, to create these amazing moments on the screen that you just cannot get enough of. When this … Continue reading Rahman- Ratnam Magic


Yours Realistically, Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth is a demi-god to half the nation, a superhero to the rest and a flamboyant icon across seas. If asked to most of his fans what is their favourite movie of Thalaivar ? The answer from the mass audience would be Baasha or Enthiran or Shivaji. Some would even mention his stellar performance from … Continue reading Yours Realistically, Rajinikanth