Disclaimer : This is an entertainment show daww, its fully scripted, Kamal is been paid to talk like that, people with such opinions , I have huge respect for you, but unfortunately  this blog is not going to help you ,  #oviyaarmy , Gay3 haters , Maruthuva mutam trollers etc can read this. Almost everyone … Continue reading STOP JUDGING, START LEARNING – BIG BOSS


Rahman- Ratnam Magic

I can watch anything Mani Ratnam makes. I liked even Kadal! Heck, I even liked Abhishek Bachchan as Raavan 😛 , But being the master that Mani Ratnam is, he uses simple things that people can relate to, to create these amazing moments on the screen that you just cannot get enough of. When this … Continue reading Rahman- Ratnam Magic

6 Life Lessons from THALAIVAR

Film: Padayappa Dialogue: En vazhi, thani vazhi (My way is Unique) Get things done in your own way. Aha! When it comes to accomplishing your big goals, it’s not everything else that is the problem—it’s you .You are your own worst enemy. Push through the insecurity that’s stopping you. Create your own style. Because once … Continue reading 6 Life Lessons from THALAIVAR