Disclaimer : This is an entertainment show daww, its fully scripted, Kamal is been paid to talk like that, people with such opinions , I have huge respect for you, but unfortunately  this blog is not going to help you ,  #oviyaarmy , Gay3 haters , Maruthuva mutam trollers etc can read this. Almost everyone … Continue reading STOP JUDGING, START LEARNING – BIG BOSS


A Story told by a CHEF !

So what cuisine are you guys in the mood for? Everytime if I had to ask this question, or answer this question , The easiest , satisfying answer would be PIZZA. When I was invited by Chef’s story to try their offering , the PIZZA part of the story was the suprising and stunning. Chef’s … Continue reading A Story told by a CHEF !

Talk Less ,Eat More | Gossip Bistro

Two fundamentals of a great cafe are hospitality and quality and they are the foundations of Gossip Bistro. This café has seriously considered how much influence and love people has for food and to Gossip 😉 as you will see it from the impressive choice of food and mouth watering desert selection. Mentioning about the … Continue reading Talk Less ,Eat More | Gossip Bistro