Food trend |Deconstructed Cafe

Deconstructed food is an art form; a style of preparation that is playful ,different and absolutely delicious, with each component its own complete masterpiece. What deconstructed food is not is all the ingredients of a dish splayed out like an assembly line with an instructional sheet. The trend has been growing and morphing for years. And … Continue reading Food trend |Deconstructed Cafe


Talk Less ,Eat More | Gossip Bistro

Two fundamentals of a great cafe are hospitality and quality and they are the foundations of Gossip Bistro. This café has seriously considered how much influence and love people has for food and to Gossip 😉 as you will see it from the impressive choice of food and mouth watering desert selection. Mentioning about the … Continue reading Talk Less ,Eat More | Gossip Bistro

Totally TeeTotal

Are you looking for a cool, swanky and fun loving place to hang out with your friends at OMR ? You don't need to look too far . EVOKE brings you The Brew ! Evoke is probably the only place for some  food and beverage facility , that is conceptualized to cater all set of People ( … Continue reading Totally TeeTotal


South Indian cuisine? But isn’t all Indian food the same?” you might ask. Vegetarian meals are the norm in the south, so much so that southern Indian cuisine is a vegetarian’s dream. DAKSHINAPURAM,OMR, is one of the restaurants in Chennai  for south Indian fare. Going beyond—but not excluding—the ubiquitous dosa and idli, this restaurans stay true … Continue reading Simply South | DAKSHINAPURAM

HAMSA | Fine Dining Realm

How do you recognize a fine dining restaurant from a simply posh one? Is it the number of forks (more than you can count or use)? Is it the immaculate white linens and tablecloths? A fine dining restaurant clearly sets itself apart from other restaurants on three main grounds: food, customer service and ambience. But … Continue reading HAMSA | Fine Dining Realm

P for Paneer | PIND

A for Apple, B for Biscuit.....P for Paneer (foodie estyle of learning ABC). Paneer , this versatile Indian Cheese is definitely the USP of  PIND.  You are spoilt with choices in Paneer. In parathas, in tikkas and  subji's. TIKKA's and SUBJI's All my life the default starter would be Paneer Tikka, but wait at Pind … Continue reading P for Paneer | PIND

Destination : OMR

Slurp, bite, gulp, hoard. From filter kapi to spiciest vada pav and the messiest kati roll.  If having an excuse to ditch that diet, you are at the right place! OMR is the *IT* place and its no more  Chennai-ku miga arigil, it is very much Chennai. This OMR food street is a landmark my itself, which you … Continue reading Destination : OMR