Booking Airbnb ? Things to remember

Air Bnb- The concept is absolutely wonderful and it is a great alternative to the stodgy and sometimes just plain icky hotel rooms that one encounters when trying to keep to a travel budget.

I just finished my first Euro trip and used Airbnb

What I discovered through the process is that there are some considerations when booking through Airbnb :

#Google: You have to keep googling atleast for 2 to 3 days just to settle down on what area you should fix your apartment. Similarity with the neighborhoods and the facility available according to the specific needs is important.

#FindtheRight: Entire Place: The whole house or apartment is yours and nobody else will be staying there or  a private Room, where you get your own room, but communal areas will be shared, also check the amenities. (Wifi ? duh !)


#ReadtheReviews : An average rated place with 50 plus reviews better than a highly rated place with 5 reviews. Read the reviews. ( atleast 3 pages) , you will get an idea of the real time experience about the apartment.

#Understandthehost : Do they seem like a person from whom you’d want to rent?(telepathy:P) Have they been verified by Airbnb? (This is an added advantage ) How soon do they respond to emails? Are their reviews positive? (How they reacte to negative review.)


#Talk : Contact the host directly before requesting to book. A quick message can make the experience a bit more comfortable on both ends. You can message them through Airbnb’s messaging service to just say hello and explain your plans or to ask a question if anything is unclear or unstated.

To have as smooth an arrival as possible, put your host’s number in your phone and give them specific details about your arrival.

#Safe : Generally? Yes. People do this all of the time and the horror stories are few and far between. You can look at it this way: there are actually more reports of tenants misbehaving than the hosts.

You are paying for a different experience, one that definitely does not afford turndown service or a daily sprucing up of the place. Try to keep an open mind and embrace the uniqueness of the experience rather than focusing on all of the amenities you might have had in a hotel.

Remember  it’s high time to start planning your next trip! #airbnbrocks


For Su-real-Scribbling.

a.k.a Sruthiraj


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