#Aamlicious | Ft Rajdhani

Mango season is here, and Khandani Rajdhani is celebrating mangoes with delicious surprises. This is a restaurant where you walk in, find a place, sit down and let the staff just floor you with amazing dishes. Be warned- cos the dishes will keep arriving and you will feel pampered and stuff before you know it~!

One can experience the rich culinary heritage Khadanji Rajdhani through the various dishes such as the Mango Jalebi, Mango Dal Dhokli, Fajeto, Raw Mango & Onion Bhajia, Mango Pulao, Goonda Kairi, Mango Curry, Aam ki Lunjee,  Mango Pulao, Mango Curry, Raw Mango Raita, Amrakhand, Aamras-Poori and amongst others dishes & accompaniments like Kairi Chutney and Mango pickles.
  • The highlight of the starter was Kairi stuffed bread roll and both were delicious. My  next favorite was the Khoba roti, a thick whole wheat, pinched bread.
  • Something different that made me raise eyebrows  was the mango dal batti. I usually make mango dal at home, but having baatis in it is an innovative idea. Chunks of mango combined with mushy dal and sheets of baati tasted right for a light side dish.
  • The south Indian delicacy sweet and sour mango pachadi also takes a place in the #Aamlicious festival of Rajdhani, The blend of sweetness, tanginess and sourness is perfect and the dish tastes just right how it is made at home.
  • The Aamras the highlight of this #Aamlicious festival was not diluted mango drink that we get in juice shops but thick pulp with no additives. It is definitely heavenly taste and one should not miss it.
  • Me being a not so sweet tooth person, i couldnt enjoy the THALI as much as my fellow foodies did, so i haven’t judged or explained the taste of any particular dish
  • The thali is definitely worth the money, especially you are a big eater. You can have as many servings of everything as you’d like and the variety is just mind-boggling. It feels like you’re treating your taste buds with so many Indian flavours at once. The food is really simple, not too much oil, and not very spicy.
This festival happens till end of June. Priced  at Rs.499, and you can get a 50% off on the price every Tuesday .
unnamed (2)
AAMRAS- The hero of the thali


unnamed (1)
Ghee rice, with some fresh mango cubes .<3 


unnamed (3)

unnamed (10)
Best for the last ❤ 

For Su- real-_Scribbling

a.ka. Sruthiraj

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