Alaipayuthey vs Kaatru Veliyidai

Mani sir’s creation is a perfect example of the saying “Quality over quanity”, He has only directed close to 25 movies in a career spanning up to 34 years. A gem of a director who has a great celluloid vision, has been the point of adulation for many film enthusiast because of his subtle human emotions portrayal like no other. But , Oh, this is so clichéd, this feeling was felt throughout my  mind when i was  watching Kaatru Veliyidai.

Having watched his other creations , so many times some similarities cannot be ignored in this latest flick. I have here tried to decode a few of the them, 100% Xeror No, but they are  apparent.  I watched KV only once. FYI 😛

Phone Scene :

Who can forget the telephone scene between Karthik and Shakti, from the first time were he calls her home , or when he innocently flirts with her after marriage telling its their first night after marriage, but Sakthi smirks and cuts the call by saying that she is on duty.


A very similar scene forms part of KV also where VC calls Leela for a flight ride and her persistence is very smartly handled here, she also smirks and cuts the call saying she is on duty.

Shalini shines in this scene for some reason, her urban face, and well carried body language and her peculiar voice gives you all reason to believe she as a responsible doctor on the other hand, the charm of kathik is indelibly proportion to VC ( double face palm)

Marriage Mind :


When a girl decides to get married, millions of thoughts runs in her mind, that too when she had to do it without informing her parents , ASAP. Both Leela and Sakthi goes through this phase, where the latter had her sister to rant on her fear , Leela’s beautiful eyes speaks volume about her feelings, the finesse in her acting is definitely appluable , all thanks to her powerful eyes and no make up face.

Wedding Song :

This is simple to guess !, Yaro Yarodi and Saratu Vandiyila , both these songs if you ask me is it needed for the film , the answer will be a NO. In Yaro Yarodi it’s a tool which Sir uses to give a brief of the two lead characters , while in Saratu , expect the pregnant Bride ( which again I feel was a little irrelevant)


Both are foot tapping numbers, amazing choreography and art direction. The  ultimate winner here has to be the Demi God ARR.

Story in a LINE :

The universal joke people make is, Mani Sir writes his whole movie dialogue in a paper and his story in one single line. He is such a genius that he places the same in one of his movie scene itself.

This scene where Azhagam Perumal has a chit chat with Madavan totally explains the whole story in one line

A similar scene happens where Doc Neethi , unfolds the story in a simple line to Rj Balaji ,” Enaku unga  melea oru idu, Ungaluku Leela la Pudikum, Leela ku VC ah Pudikum…VC ku VC ah mattum than pudikum”

Same wave, one and the other , cant pick one 😀

Sing- that RINGs:

Leela travels all the way to Leh for a putrid relationship (which she never realises till the end) , where she sings and entertains the other officers ( like really ), and the couple have a eye to eye contact, and the immediate bell that rang on my mind of how Alaipyuthey Kanna song unfolds ….. And a serious doubt popped ! Is Kaatru veliyidai casted rightly ? Same situation, same director, ..Enough said.


Family Frame :

As you don’t find a Humor track in his movies, supporting characters are used to inject some slapstic , remember the introduction of Maddy’s family ..Pyramid Natarajan’s witty comment on this son, “Sir oru izzhu, avan oru izhu, Ammabala pomobala theiryala ! Idelam enga urupadapogudhu “ This scene was natural and relatable.  The comfortably uncomfortable relationship which the hero has with his father never really strike the cord in KV, here also a similar flow of scene is set up at VC’s house , which failed miserably for no reasons.


Does this three words actually matter ? Evano Oruvan plays out in the background, and appears at a crucial point in the story, about a couple’s journey. That’s when Karthik verbally unfolds  how much she means to him, “Sakthi nee illama enala iruka mudiyadhu, nee illama ennala vazha mudiyadhu “


Now give me 6 difference from the above to this famous trailer dialogue from KV,” Nee enne virumburathey vide, naa unne athigam ah virumbuven. Nee enne veruthalum virumbuven. Nee enne virumbale naalum virumbuven”.

The crux is 99% similar , but the tailor made camera friendly  close up face of Madhavan totally pulled off the scene , with Karthi it was faux pas all the way.

For whatever reasons ,  Alaipayuthey is a classic and it only will be, ( Ok kanmani left ka po, Kaatru Veliiyadi right ka po:P )  the movie surely is a classic for the singular reason of how endearingly urban middle-class romance has been portrayed.
And for this reason, it will always continue to make waves in the heart of any even half-romantic Chennaite like me 😛

For Su-real-Scribbling

a.k.a SruthiRaj

Special thanks to this amazing facebook page called “ManiRatnam- The guru” , which helped me to collect all the pics attached,

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