Families Fav | Kailash Parbat

Kailash Parbat is a brand known for its impeccable food, and its the iconic family restaurant( North ki rasoi) They have done  what they knew best,. Pouring their heart into their food and some interesting plating.

unnamed (83)

Like the food, which has moved from being served on plates to pans, trays and all sorts of other Instagram-ready crockery, those indulging in a bit of tipple can expect to find regular cocktails with a twist. The décor part equally requires some mention. The eatery is designed to be a posh joint and a family dine in. The seats and table settings are done well, giving the diners their space

unnamed (82)

The first dish was a chaat platter. Corn chat, Bhel, Dahi wada and Papdi chaat. Dahi wada was really good, the sweetness dahi cut out the salt and masala and the preparation is very well balanced. all the other 3 accompaniments was equally amazing.

unnamed (75)

In the drinks section, the masala chaas was sedative for this climate , and the chilli guava was the desi twist in the regular staple. The jaljeera on the other hand was intense in its flavor and didtn suit my palate.

unnamed (80)

Pav Bhaji for Kaliash is like 14 idli’s for HSB (is that a good way to compare :P), the ICONIC dish., was way too cheesy , I removed the cheese layer over it and enjoyed the bhaji and shamlessly asked for an extra cup of BHAJI alone ( we all do that right :P).  The  bread was  so yeasty and terrific

unnamed (77)

The garlic bread fondue just had too much of flour , and very little cheesy and I expect the bread to be little soft . The potato skins were flawless , the dip went striking along. And was definitely light.

unnamed (84)

With so much of starters, and some very quick and prompt service, we were almost full. But we got our hands on Two mains, the Paneer Sizzler was not my cup of tea, while the four seasons pizza was palatable, sometimes LESS is MORE works, instead the CHEESE killed every other flavor of the pizza.

unnamed (85)

Tip : I guess you should order, North Indian Delicacies , because I found every other table filled with some typical north ki rasoi.

With a 4 on its first ball, then a miss ( how many are excited for IPL this time , not me :P), Kailash hit a a 6 on its dessert. Sizzling touch is a great value-add for brownies!.

unnamed (74)

The aroma of molten chocolate, and the fizzling sound of frozen ice-cream on a send strong signals to my  gastronomic system, making it restless to feast on this unique treat. Then came out the cat out of the cap, Fruit pizza is the quintessential summer dessert. Sweet, creamy, juicy, and fruity from edge to edge. Each bite loaded with different fruit to go along with some rabdi . OUT STANDING.

unnamed (76)


Not only does Kailash Parbat cater to specific culinary subgroups (hello vegetarians!), but they do a really, really good job of keeping the dishes exciting and fresh.

This review is based over the invite, which was organized by Dine out India.

Meal for two: Rs.1000


1/2, Gandhi Mandapam Rd,
Adyar House, Kotturpuram,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600085
Now booking table is much more easier ,just click here
When you upload your bill, you get an additional 20 % cash back on your bill amount upto Rs.300

Kailash Parbat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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