Rahman- Ratnam Magic

I can watch anything Mani Ratnam makes. I liked even Kadal! Heck, I even liked Abhishek Bachchan as Raavan 😛 , But being the master that Mani Ratnam is, he uses simple things that people can relate to, to create these amazing moments on the screen that you just cannot get enough of.

When this  extraordinary filmmaker collaborate with a gifted musician called AR RAHMAN –, it’s a film aficionados’ delight.

I have listed my top 5 moments , because Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

ROJA – Finally !

Chinna Chinna Asai , literally shook the country, This patriotic love story , of how the innocent Roja in a region where she can’t even read a newspaper,. tries desperately to pull every string she can to arrange for her husband’s release. The cliched less dialogue in just a word “ PATTIKADU”  and the rest is handled beautifully  where the quest is more nobly quixotic than totally effective. ARR , thy genius has marked in debut only here.

ALAIPAUTHEY – Where the hell are you ?

Evano Oruvan plays out in the background, and appears at a crucial point in the story, about a couple’s journey. Karthik and Shakti have temporarily split up after a spat between their respective parents. The song features Ratnam’s trademark obsession with the monsoon. As a storm threatens the activities of the medical camp, a bus appears on the horizon in a long shot. Inside is a woebegone Karthik. The last 30 sec  ,he finally finds her, the rain has halted and the visuals have slowed down. One storm has given way to another. Realizing that they cannot be parted anymore, you can see the dexterity in using music ,EPIC moment

DIL SE- Like a dream

Its like  a dream that’s come and gone, and you don’t think you’ll ever come across it again.”  As his dream fades for Meghna , Amar decides to get married to the beautiful  Preeti Nair . And right after the engagement, he happens to meet his lost love. The intensity of the scene is conveyed  like a dream spiked with a surreal tune and the a single-worded  passion called “ UYIRAE”- oh en UYIRAE.

BOMBAY- Last smile

I may not always get Mani Ratnam’s messages (though God knows he pounds them enough in each movie) but I sure appreciate his artistic virtuosity. Bombay may not be Ratnam’s most praised film, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a favourite, and in fact a film I would unconditionally recommend to anyone looking to give their first Indian film a try . Ok coming to that soul steering important  scene . The harrowing moment occurs when the twins are doused in gasoline by a mob of Hindus who flick matches and demand to know if they’re Hindu or Muslim), and then they get departed. The finally meet and NO DIALOGUES  just A.R. Rahman’s intense music transform it into a powerful river that sweeps you away.


(Keep your cursor at 4.08)

Romance is not all that Ratnam shows off. He  certainly strikes a chord with character and drama, he scene in the railway station: Simran sees Keerthana. Keerthana knows what she did is wrong and Simran would be angry at her for running away from home. So, she doesn’t hug Simran or anything when she sees her in the station. Simran, in turn, doesn’t want to mellow down in front of her and let out her feeling of joy on seeing her ‘daughter’ again. So, she too just stands silently glaring at her with a stern look on her face. Neither wants to make the first move. Knowing well that he has to take care of the situation, Madhavan prompts Keerthana to come to him with a smile on his face. She runs towards him and hugs him. But, even after this, all Simran and Keerthana are not willing to let go of their feelings. The beautiful humming of the Kannatthil Muttamittal title song comes in the background during this scene. And conveys this whole emotions , just in music, my words are just line fillers.  Some credits to Simran also 😉

Trust your memories to be your only saviour in times when you feel the world is collapsing around you. It’s been 25 years since the day they worked together, but it still always feels like the first day in the early 90s, when life was…life.

For Su-real- Scribbling

a.k.a SruthiRaj


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