A Story told by a CHEF !

So what cuisine are you guys in the mood for?
Everytime if I had to ask this question, or answer this question , The easiest , satisfying answer would be PIZZA. When I was invited by Chef’s story to try their offering , the PIZZA part of the story was the suprising and stunning.

Chef’s Story is a newly opened restaurant at Pursawalkam, easy to locate , with spot on interiors and cheerful staffs. The menu is curated totally keeping in the mind of all the hot selling products this season , with a very convincing price tag.

No-fuss Margherita or all-out veggies, thin and crispy or deep-pan – what do you think makes the perfect pizza?

Order this, Just ORDER THIS

The wood frie(n)d is what wins my heart, available at 9”, 12” 18 and 24 , the offerings are pretty exotic. We started of with a FIORENTINA- This spinach with Feta cheese was totally a satisfying twist , The spicy Schezwan pizza , with generous veggies I couldn’t complain. The Cottage had all the ingredients im usually not fond off, but that wooden fried bubbled crust , with a crackling sound yet chewy cheese and mini chucks of paneer and olives .

After the Pizza’s we tried some maggi magic, taste wise the Mushroom variant was delish, the generous corn maggi was positive, the bhujia maggi or the hostel maggi was something unsuitable for my pallete. The portions were definitely bounteous.Blame me , but I expect my maggi to be a little saucier.

The pink pasta was another dish of the day ,your craving arises as the perfectly cooked pasta in a decadent cream sauce, along with the light tinge of red sauce


The Tex Mex and Cheese Nachos was ample in portions yet it was completed without any complaints . REASON- NACHOS ( you cant get them wrong :P)

.The appetizers section had to be pushed to the end :p For a change 😉
The Fries looked store bought, fried to perfection as expected and the garlic bread was able to capture the essence of neither being too soggy not too dry. Chilli flakes gave that extra kick.

Of the Grilled sandwiches served, the “SIMPLE DELISH”tasted just like the name. The crushed nachos as a filling worked in the pink.

ICE TEA EXOTIQUE is another goodness section of Chef’s Story. The ready made powder’s aren’t used. The flavours are infused and brewed . The vanilla banana will be my pick .

That, Thats that ..That..THAT only 😛

As always I skipped the dessert section 😛

Overall Chef’s Story certainly has a very interesting story to tell. Must Visit.

For Su-Real-Scribbling a.k.a SruthiRaj

Disclaimer : The information on this blog is based upon my personal opinion, experience, and research.All photographs and content are property of Su-Real -Scribbling. If you would like to share any of my posts or photos, I ask that you please link them back to my original post or blog.

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