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Two fundamentals of a great cafe are hospitality and quality and they are the foundations of Gossip Bistro. This café has seriously considered how much influence and love people has for food and to Gossip 😉 as you will see it from the impressive choice of food and mouth watering desert selection.

Mentioning about the décor, the restaurant is cozy and buzzing with people, this place whispers sweet somethings with quirky posters, decorative paint works , this place is perfect for a date .
Me along with a few of my friends visted them on a Saturday late lunch, (Date night is all fine , don’t under estimate the amount of fun and gossip , that all girls gang who loves food ,would have)

Having skipped breakfast or not , I was way to hungry , so I gulped in the welcome ice drink , without even savoring its taste 😛

Then for the appetizer, without even glazing the menu card, we ordered the MUST have soup of the TOWN . Honestly though, I haven’t had something like this before . It is soft, sweet and rich. This one is an absolute basic soup and the team has taken it to a different level with broccoli and that pickled pear.Btw its called Pumpkin soup 😀2016-11-05-18-17-18

Along with it we ordered, the stuffed mushroom caps. The stuffing in it was cheesy and the Italian seasoning in it was enough to please me. However I expected the mushroom to be a little crisper.


The next most notable thing about Gossip bistro was how beautifully done the mains were. Being a vegetarian you can’t really order anything fancy. But these people’s effort in bring Global cuisine to Chennai and nailed a vegetarian version of the same ( Shut up and take my money –Seriously ).


Hankering for Pie’s after watching Master chef series and convincing myself that I cant , has been my routine for months. Inni Kavalai Vendam – screamed SURE SHOT PIE POT
That cracking thin crust stuffed with vegetables,( this substituting meat for Tofu, no no such comedies) , with some OMG sauce and Cheese and baked to perfection and im stilling googling to find an apt word to describe how good that was. ( Better order and enjoy – easy na)


Pani Puri is the national food of India ( just joking yaar), like that every country will have some must have dish. Like how these tamil movies take inspiration from Hollywood and tweek them for Indian taste and make them a super hit ( no no im not talking about DHEIVA THIRUMAGAL), the next main course we had was from Australia. The Indian Spud is nothing but Stuffed Potatoes. The stuffing was tandoor paneer, served along with peanut rice and baked vegetables. Your own taste, something we been having for like years yet how they served mattered. Well done GOSSIP.
GOSSIP is a Bistro and a DESSERT BAR- yes you can transform your dessert into a meal that shall relish you with lots of happiness. They believe in the concept of being generous with the portions, fillings and the toppings which shall make every individual smile who walks in through the door of loaded.


The tender coconut moose had a delicate flavor of tender coconut is very soothing and the soft texture makes it melt in you mouth. It contains no eggs and this should be the reason why it was so simple and unbelievably comforting!
These tartlets have all the sweet and sticky goodness of additional baklava but come packaged in a phyllo dough cup for a crisp bite and a buttery finish, it was served with too much of citrus fruits ,(errummm slight hiccup) which neutralized that sweet. ,to get the best of two different world. Order this.

There is very little that needs to be said about a chocolate mousse cake. This one lives up to its name. It was gloriously intense.

SERVICE : It was a bit slow, but i was all lost in gossiping and eating.

PRICE : For vegetarians, a meal for two would come around Rs.800. ( Please watch out for the portions, order one by one 😛)

Happy eating.

For Su-Real- Scribbling a.k.a SruthiRaj

Disclaimer – This review is based on my personal experience ..( blah blah blah), and i paid my own bill ( foodies pay also and go..)

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