Silvercreen Sequels #Iwish

Sequels are cool but equally intriguing because they give us a second helping of the fare we enjoyed so much the first time . Kollywood has caught up with the sequel trend that is all the rage . But lets not bother about those give me the “HIT MOVIE  BRAND NAME “alone Sequels 😉 Aranamanai 2, Pizza 2 and I don’t even want to mention  KO2 for that matter. These aren’t technically sequels.

Kudos to Surya and Hari for sticking on to the plot , and having similar characterization almost the 3rd time. . Bahubali and Enthiran goes without saying, because of the branding and business, so lets not get there also.

Then Room for sequels on what ? The open ended climax of some classics, is what im more interested . Usually, sequels are announced only for hit films. , but why only on HIT films ? ..Read on



Reason for this movie not doing well at Box office – Error 404 not found. Im not a movie critic, I don’t understand all the movies I watch 😛 .This movie got released when I was in my middle school, and it took more than a decade or more to understand the crux of this movie. Back in 2003 there was no one to promote this movie , No meme’s were made, no one even bothered to review it also. ( first we need to understand something for it RIGHT ). What happened to Naalan ?  Did A.Ars and Bala live happily,(They need not , Kiran once again on screen pls no) Will even Ars come to know about Bala and NaalaShivam !  Ars and Naalan plan a Road trip ! Sundar C you should answer all this ( he is the director know ! )Or re-release Anbae Shivam .  I wanna cry once again  with Satyam pop-corn in my hand.



I picked it solely , because I like Dhanush ( who doesn’t ) . Kokki kumar is remembered for his portrayal  of voyeurism  both literally and literately ( Spelling mistake illa )  It is  difficult to perform the personality battles of life, , identity, respect, power and so on. I want Kokki Kumar back on screen,  because many of us haven’t watched the movie in the theater nor as I said previously,I didn’t have enough brains to embrace this cult classic. This movie deserves a sequel just for Kokki Kumar’s characterization.



Taking about Characterization, how can I not miss Sethu ? Chiyaan was an ISI stalker. The transformation of the character was phenomenal.  Why Sethu fell  so madly in love with her,( her screen presence was not at all charasmatic :(,  Its something I  still haven’t figured out… Now ..Now what is he doing ? Abhitu is dead  .So my imagination horse is set to run in any direction , … What happened to chiyyan , his family …The movie came in 1999, and its almost 17 years , how will a 40 year old Sethu’s mind set be? Its been a long time watching  Vikram Performing …( Don’t say I 😛 ) and an ode to film industy  which brought him to lime light can only be justified when he does something similar to it.


Name a FLOP movie of THALAIVAR, everyone names this. WAIT . The movie has a very interesting story line. IT DID, screenplay was the culprit, Now that thalaivar is open more for Performance oriented, why not BABA. Everyone Remember’s baba’s climax. So to start from where it ended is so easy  😉 well not that EASY . A polical influence movie of thalaivar is still pending… im just saying 😛


No marks for guessing why I picked this movie, the ACTOR  in Vijay -DISCOVERED by the Columbus named MURUGADOSS. Kathiresan is one of the life time character played by  Vijay  , the movie opened with the plot as he being a petty thief, so I bake the flash black in my style ,  what if he was one of the adopted 5 kids of Ramana. ( Ramana was relased in 2002, and Kathi was in 2014. So do the math :P) , So my fan theory is to have  RAMANA -2, (Damn they killed Captain L Powerful climax syndrome ) . Starting Vijay, with sister bonds , it has one American kid in it … ( Amy will do that :P) . Vijay scores well in Thangachi pasam also ( No no ….i don’t want Thirupachi 2 ), then il leave it to the phenomenal script writes of tamil cinema ( Read it as end of thinking capacity)



This is the only obvious wish for most of us and the cliche casting of having their respective Sons playing  Junior Gautam and Junior Ashok ( Because there can be only  one Ashhhhoookk…Ashhhhook Viswanathan<3). A family drama, almost the only movie which qualifies for a ditto screen cast back on screen after 1988. its very much POSSIBLE. Tweaking Mani sir’s story line…? Whats next ? Duh (Umachii Kannu Kuthing 😛)

All i have in my life is imagination ❤

Su-Real-Scribbling a.k.a SruthiRaj


One thought on “Silvercreen Sequels #Iwish

  1. Excellent list Sruthi. For me, if I would have to pick one movie from the entire list, it would be Anbe Sivam. 🙂 But I have always thought why they aren’t making sequels on these classics.


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