I have to :( but i dont want to ;)

Do you have a full time job? Are your parents supporting you? You must be having at least 2 maids at home!, Are you in touch with everyone ? Why are you guys eating out every day? You cannot save any money ?  Wait are you even living with your husband. ? Is he even in the country ?

I have heard such questions, or even worse ones in the past one year, oh yea! I have a FULL TIME job ,  we just have a name sake maid. I COOK at home almost every day (I usually experiment different dishes on weekend ,Food bloggers don’t get Free food every day, even if that happens , parcels for spouse’ arent permitted 😛  )

Every one is like a tea bag—we  never know how strong we are until we get get in hot water.

Living independently required quite some effort from both of us .We figured out some techniques to balance things as we can’t afford to be lackadaisical about TIME!( I have purposely left the idea of DELEGATION , its very obvious )

Here are a few ideas that i follow that help me to anchor this change of life which I’d like to share:



Buy your groceries once a month and veggies like once a week and  stock your fridge, plan a menu for the week for your cook or yourself with healthy snacks, and mini indulgences, you are 50% sorted with your life. Buying whole sale groceries works out cheaper than getting them every week in piece meal.



giphy (1)

Scheduling a specific day for a specific task is something that definitely requires a little experimenting. This is because you’ll need to match the right tasks to particular days of the week according to your preferences. Saturday is for cleaning the house. Sunday I ensure all our clothes are ironed and kept ready for next week. Settling all the due bills in the first week of the month. Some online shopping , wait till weekend , ( will know if I really want it by the time ).Plan what is needed for the next day from chopping veggies, kneading dough or even a no cook day so you get an extra hour to sleep.

 Say No :

giphy (3)

Refuse to attend parties, family functions if you’re already stressed. Someone’s sister’s daughter  is getting married and they’e sent you a card doesn’t mean you need to attend. They will anyways not understand 😛 . You don’t owe anyone anything. Instead spend that time for yourself .(Amma ,I hope you not reading this 😛)


Step 1-2-3 :

Guarantee that you make time for what is important by creating routines. Set aside a regular time in the day to finish of the work. Clear your garbage bag ,before you take your shower.Your fridge is not  a sophisticated dust bin, stock things in order, so you know what is where. Note those items that will need a refill the next month ( oils, ghee, then n there or if you have are blessed with enourmous memory power like me, no problem :p)  Keep an alarm for gym, Spend that dedicated  one hour with your spouse. )  It might look you are following a time table, which I feel is far better than not doing any of the above.

giphy (4)

Work can be play:

Cleaning the toilet is right up there with root canals on my fun list, but it won’t clean itself. In accepting this and then doing it—when it needs to be done and no later.giphy (5)

I prepare myself to carry this same but how, i listen to music ( cliched), dance a little ( well im trained). TURN IT INTO A GAME ( think you a little kid)and use it also a thinking time 😛


No one lives a perfectly balanced life, especially busy women. I encourage every woman to ask herself, `What is the one change I can make to better organize and manage my time so I have a more balanced life?’ work on it until you are successful in accomplishing the it, you will feel a greater sense of fulfillment and contribution

For Su.Real.Scribbling a.k.a SruthiRaj


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