My Dream Husband

As a little girl, I use to dream of the man for whom I’d be his “good thing.” I wondered, ‘How will he look? How will he treat me? Will he be able to make me laugh?’ and all thanks to Tamil cinema which has always been a great influence in showcasing how an ideal husband should be 😛
The cliched “DREAM HUSBAND” roles of tamil cinema, has somewhere created some sort of benchmark in us(Yes Know..Dont lie ) .

MOHAN (Mouna Ragam):


Mouna Ragam Mohan ( I don’t remember his character name , no one does 😛), ticked all the boxes of how an ideal husband should be. He was educated, well mannered, he was totally not bothered about Divya’s past. He gave her that space in life. From prioritizing her needs as his, but giving a fitting reply to her attitude ( Who can forget that classic reply , “ Enaku onum aagdhu, naan una thoota unaku than kambili poochu ooraa madri irukum ;) Sarcasm level – Maniratnam.

GAUTHAM ( Sillunu Oru Kadal):


Every guy has a PAST, how they overcome it , makes the difference. This is where Gautham scores in style. From his looks to his priorities everything had a makeover after wedding. Most importantly even when had a chance to get back to his ex, he chose Kundavi head over heals . Lets not forget he was a wonderful father ( Fine ok, he named his kid with his ex’s name 😛)


KARTHIK (Alaipayuthey):


The dream boy for most of the girls ( Not me, adding him just for hits 😛).He had that killer smile to woo his wife. He was a real time example of how a young no so matured guy would handle his marriage, he was irresponsible in bits, he was not organized, how me manages the reality of MARRIAGE life. He was not expressive at the right time still every girl loved him because he was crazy for Shakti from day one .

JOHN (Raja rani) :


No one out there is perfect ! John was also not . Even the very beautiful Regina was not enough for him to forget about his past. What made me pick John is how close he is with his friend, Nothing stops a guy from sharing his personal issues with his friend ( I have no problem, when my husband does that ) John was willing to put that  effort.He made his own assumptions in understanding Regina, but he made me realize  that even men cry in relationships.  They are equally sensitive and emotionally driven.



Kabaleeswaran gave real time relationship goals. Marriage is not just  a fancy business, it’s a passionate commitment over beauty . Kumudavalli helped him to evolve into a better person. He believed that she was his biggest source of motivation. He guaranteed those giggles even when he was in 60’s ( Maya Nadhi- Soul steering ). and most importantly he LOVED Kumudavalli like no other


It might sound bookish again, the childhood dreams of tall, dark and handsome with those above mentioned cliché didn’t match an inch with reality.

After marriage, not every day has to be a fairy tale. Some days are all paying bills and eating leftovers. Some days are all annoying habits and not enough sleep. Some days are better and some are worse. But, he promised to stick close through both types of days. I learned to appreciate how really a good husband should be ,for who he is and what he does. ,when he left that last Maggi packet for me (Usually people say a cake na!, Well mine is a dessert addict,) ,when he make sure the bills are paid on time, and reminding to take my office id . He never duped me with showy, elaborate, breath-taking statements of his love., but understood all the inner workings of my mind,acknowledged my idiocy .He always appreciated my constant criticism and dissatisfaction on many issues and have atleast made an effort to change. That’s true romance.

He is always positive about life and a good friend. It is a great blessing to live with an optimist. He has always tried to make me happy when my sky is grey.

I have never given my husband any pressure and so does my husband. A good husband needs a comfortable atmosphere to grow. A good wife must offer him that chance.

So don’t miss the really good man who is right in front of you because you are too focused on the imaginary men that you have read about in books or seen in movies.



This post is dedicated to, Nataraj Vaidhyanathan , fondly called as Raj ( Call it DDLJ syndrome or because his original name is that of my  Maths sir in school) who is celebrating his birthday on Aug 24st.Thanks for coming into my life chootu ❤
For Su.real .Scribbling a.k.a SruthiRaj


11 thoughts on “My Dream Husband

  1. Hi Sruthi Raj , my applauses for a well written article.. but thinking on the lines of your article ., the same applies to the women in a man’s life too. Even we find the kodambakkam women /wife more sweet and awesome .. but the wife in reality turns out to be like someone out of syllabus….
    But fact remains that we start to love and cherish what we have in our hand rather than chasing our dream wife who’s portrayed in k/b/hollywood… Maybe that’s reality..thats life …. .and that’s what our parents grew us with…

    And my best wishes to make this birthday of that wonderful optimistic caring Natraj @ Raj a memorable one for his lifetime… I wish you do completely something out of the way to celebrate this birthday of his.

    Do keep writing.. best wishes for a happy and colourful life… my advance birthday wishes and 3 Cheers to Raj

    Aravind k


    1. So true sir :):) the reality of life is way more different that of the reel -life :):) its applicable to both hmen adn women 🙂 thanks for taking your time to read and give me your valuable opinion 🙂 Will surely convey the wishes to Raj :):)


  2. Hey Shruthi Raj,
    Its a wonderful article of yours..Kudos to you in relating dream husband to surreal characters in movies.. nonetheless you have found that perfect husband that cares for you and that’s what matters a lot..Continue giving such articles and Im sure you ll have many more admirers for your articles.. all the very best for your future endeavors..



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