South Indian cuisine? But isn’t all Indian food the same?” you might ask.

Vegetarian meals are the norm in the south, so much so that southern Indian cuisine is a vegetarian’s dream. DAKSHINAPURAM,OMR, is one of the restaurants in Chennai  for south Indian fare. Going beyond—but not excluding—the ubiquitous dosa and idli, this restaurans stay true to their origins while luring in a diverse set of varieties from different states. I was invited for a South Indian Food Festival.(which ends by August, but most of the items stay in the MENU throughout the year) .


Chettinad food is a feast for the gourmet. The spicing is subtle and that secret is the “instinctive hand” of the “Achi”:P (Oh I miss my grandma’s cooking). At Dakshinapuram, we started first with “Tri colour Kuzhi Paniyarams” –after  dumping a handful of this , the star dish of the day “Seppankizhangu roast” (colocasia fry) except that over dose of salt here n there,  this starter was  leading the taste buds on a journey of intrigue and delight.

Tamilian’s staple food is steamed rice and most of our food consists of grains, lentils and vegetables ‘Sadhams’ (rice dishes) with different flavours is our specialty. The full meals at Dakshipuram is no less to the description.

unnamed (39)
With 6 pickles, Unlimted Rice and Pooris ,killer More Kuzhambhu , Lemon rice…eec(end of eating capacity) Just for Rs.135
unnamed (34)
Tamizh Sapadu, without Masal Vadaisss ( rascall:P)

Chilli Parota is one of the famous local street food of TN . There are no ‘rules to be  followed I making this,  parottas were neatly cut and deep fried, but the oil was a little over powering , but the gravy it was consisting of onions, capsicum and spices screamed desi.  It is versatile dish and I loved it to pieces.

Raw bananas were shallow fried and sprinkled with Red Chilli Powder and garnished with curry leaves was a average starter but just imagine having a plate of this at the MARINA BEACH( im comparing this with Vazhaka Bhaji), total rejoice .

unnamed (38)
When French fries  came to Madras 😉 Obviously it will get tanned 😛



Rice is a must-have in their pantries, So we ordered   Akki Roti from the menu, (Akki means rice in Kannada)this flat , thick pan cake tasted so different than the usual Wheat Roti and I had it with a super star dish from another state , continue reading on to know what it was 😉 Having mentioned Rice as the staple ingredient , you should also not miss their  Bisi bele bath.

Neer dosa is the stand out variety of dosas from the karnataka cuisine. the word ‘neer’ translates to ‘water’ in tulu language, which means ‘water dosa’. these dosas are so called as the batter is watery and not thick like the usual dosa batter .

unnamed (27)
Tri-colour was just independence day special ( No preservatives added)



Nothing screams SPICY like Andhra Cuisine. Every food you see is a treat to your eye and a party to your mouth. Though the Apollo Paneer wasn’t very appealing to me ( North Indian Staple in a Andhra Style, No bro..No)

Nalla karam podi (Very Spicy Powder) and Parupu Podi( Dhal Powder) represented Andhra Cuisines like a boss. Hot Rice with these podi’s and some ghee are SORTED ! Really ! Trust me .

unnamed (29)
Paneer i love you ! But you cant get married to a South indian 😛



God’s own country has a special place in Indian Cuisines( I feel cracking Kerala  dishes could be a little trickery, Personal opinion).

unnamed (36)
Meet  our very own VATHAKOZAMBHU’s cousin brother from Kerala;) 

Ulli…You need to taste this , to describe it. ( Im lost of words ), this multi purpose curry was just out of the world. The Dry fruit Puttu was also delectable , but  the sweets –ELA ADA PRADAMAN was above average and the CHAKKA ADA PRADAMAN was just passable.


Other parameters :

AMBIANCE: Simple and Neatly done.

PRICE : AFFORDABLE. Though it was on the house invite , I  have been there as twice as a customer and every item in the menu is priced between ( Rs.100 to Rs 150) and its par with the quantity you get.

SERVICE : Dakshinapuram needs improvement in the area, refilling of water and clearing the plates needs attention.

OVER ALL : South indian is not just about idlis, dosas and sambar. It is about a beautiful food culture we hardly notice, exists. Next time you are at or around OMR , ask for the most authentic food of this place. You are sure to be surprised, and love it even more.

Disclaimer : The information on this blog is based upon my personal opinion, experience, and research.All photographs and content are property of Su-Real -Scribbling. If you would like to share any of my posts or photos, I ask that you please link them back to my original post or blog.

Address :
14, Rajiv Gandhi Salai ,
Opposite TCS, Karapakkam, Chennai

For Su.real.Scribbling a.k. a Sruthiraj

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