P for Paneer | PIND

A for Apple, B for Biscuit…..P for Paneer (foodie estyle of learning ABC). Paneer , this versatile Indian Cheese is definitely the USP of  PIND.  You are spoilt with choices in Paneer. In parathas, in tikkas and  subji’s.


All my life the default starter would be Paneer Tikka, but wait at Pind you get options in the same tikka with interesting marinations. Sweet tooth will savor the MALAI version, or if you are into some experimental mood you can try the HURIYALI PANEER . But as always the ever classic TANDOOR PANEER won the race.


Name a Paneer Subji, you have it here. We tried KUMB PANEER , KADAI PANEER and the baap of subji’s “THE PANNEER BUTTER MASALA “. May be we were stuffed with so much of paneer i was really not able to differentiate the uniqueness of each, everything did taste the same for me. For the subji’s we ordered some sides 😉 ( yes you read it right, the assorted bread basket and the fried rice was our sides)



But apart from the Hero, (Typing Paneer again will look like an imposition 😛) PIND also has some very interesting Starters. ( I already told you, Mains were are Sides at PIND).

If you going as a bunch of people, you can order the VEG PLATTER, it looked like a potpuri of all vegetables. Taste wise everything fared well, except the GOBI-TIKKA.

HARA BARA KABAB was dense in its flavors, but it was a little repulsive for my palette, (blame those succulent tikkas:P).



  • Varieties, i have never known or seen of many varieties of Paneer at one stop.
  • PUNJABI BEER ( non-alcoholic), this drink will totally help you to neutralize all the acridity  of  your tummy.
  • Though it was a invite from the management  the pricing is definitely on par with quantity.



  • The Ambiance :(. I am a kind of a person who likes bright and clear lighting. Pind is more of a dabba type and with violet colour undertone lights. (All my pics have got this default Violet filter because of this)
  • Service was quick and prompt only in serving the food, but clearing the leftovers and refilling of chutneys was heedless.
  • Desserts options were little boring, the size of the jamuns and the oh so liquidy suji kheer with cut fruits needs some attention.


PIND at Thuraipakkam is a delightful option for all the vegetarians in and around OMR, Paneer is of course there USP  but there is always room for improvement on other dishes.

Bookmark Paneer sorry PIND 😉 for some succulent indulgence. Paneer is a good source of protein also 😉

Patronize Paneer.!

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Su-Real-Scribbling a.k.a SruthiRaj





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