Lets Start Clapping | Urban Clap

Today when we’re looking for help on getting anything done, it’s very tough to find the right professional. Our default reaction is to make awkward calls to friends or family.In case they cannot help (which is often), we turn on to searching on Google or Facebook .This is tough and more often than not, we just give up, like those fitness classes we have  wanted to start for a decade or that doorknob which hasn’t been fixed for months;)


Now URBAN CLAP is here to change all of this– they are  making it ridiculously simple to find and hire best professionals for our need – no phone calls, just a clap.(not literally;) ,but by clicking their app. ( You can download them here for Android and Iphone users.)


Here’s a quick guide on how to book a service on UrbanClap (like if you’re trying to book a Salon at Home):

Select City -> Browse Category -> Select category -> Beauty-> Salon T home ->Select your choice > Confirm service provider.

I had a coupon worth Rs 200, so i techically had to pay only Rs.300 -COS. and i opted for a Monthly Wax and relax package


Once the booking is done, A lady responded in minutes, showing her interest in providing me the service.  She had a 4.5-star rating, so I assumed she was good. Also, once someone responds, If  you feel (7th sense ) or if her rating is not upto the mark, you can cancel the request , you will be given someone else.

You can scan her profile , read the reviews and then pick her.or click on cancel request.

So the service date and time was fixed, but in the busy life , we get to forget and will make our own plans 😉 Urban clap, claps at you with a push notification a day before your service, a uber cool reminder with time .

When my phone became my virtual Amma 😉 reminder ! reminder !

The service provider also Whatapp-ed me the previous night, telling she will be sharp 10am the next day. To my shocker she was on dot at 10 am the next day morning. 


I opted for a Monthly Wax and Relax package. It included Full Legs , Arms and Underarm waxing plus Eyebrow Threading.

Cost of the package Rs. 500, ( I had a Voucher coupon  for Rs 200, Thankyou Chennai Bloggers Club). The rate is definitely on par with the market rate at the Salons , actually i can cadre UC price at cheaper because , if only i  had to calculate a payback of a minimum of  Rs 1 per waiting minute at salons ( you do the math:P)

The whole service got over exactly in an hour. The service provider Jennifer was extremely professional and skillful .Used branded items.Neatly dressed in UC uniform, Work Kit and ID. ( Your safety is taken care , even if you are home alone. UC also gives an insurance coverage of Rs.5,000 for all beauty services.)


UC ultimately is making our  lives easier.  especially for working woman. They have understood the  pain points when it comes to hiring professionals for urban needs. UrbanClap’s technology is a sophisticated match-making engine.The best way to know about UC, is only when you try them. Since you  have made it this long , i have a small surprise.

I don’t earn anything out of this 😉 except your appreciation 😛 (Sruthiya is my full name 😛 )


For Su.real.Scribblings a.k. a SruthiRaj



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