Yours Realistically, Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth is a demi-god to half the nation, a superhero to the rest and a flamboyant icon across seas. If asked to most of his fans what is their favourite movie of Thalaivar ? The answer from the mass audience would be Baasha or Enthiran or Shivaji. Some would even mention his stellar performance from Thalapathy, or Mullum Malaraum and the ever classic Aaril irundu Aruvadhu varai.

Is that all ? Rajnikanth was not a quintessential romantic hero, but he has acted in some classic movies which was combined with heavy story line and a good romance. So…who’s gonna say “Rajini means only Mass movies? “You should think wise and twice !

All you got to do is go to YOU-TUBE and watch the below listed classics and then decide, on Rajini’s acting ability.

Bhuvana Oru Kelvi Kuri:

Sivakumar and Rajinikant are road side vendors , they develop into trusted friendship. Sivakumar who is a womanizer and will make Sumitra pregnant in an illicit affair. He will not be willing to marry Sumitra and would marry his god-man’s daughter. Rajini would marry her to restore pride of her family.The friendship between the two gets into trouble. What happened to their friendship? What is important in life? Getting money by losing moral values, relations etc or leading a life with conviction and thus winning hearts and trust of near and dear ? This is a  timeless classic.

Ilamai Oonjal Aadukirathu


This is one of the best Rajini-Kamal collaborations. Best friends fall in love with the same woman. If you think Raja Rani , Mouna ragam are all realistic , then you would watch this one to know from where was all the inspiration taken.



Kai Kodukum Kai:

The remake of a Kannada Classic , *Katha Sangama,*where the heroine will be blind girl who will be raped by the villain, yet the hero will want to give her a life. Rajinikanth played the antagonist role in the original , became the hero in the tamil remake. He was appreciated for his underplay . J Mahendran (Villan in Theri) wrote the screenplay with slight changes in the script, but stuck to the original climax, which was not received by the tamil audience. Nevermind, Rajinikanth doesn’t bother about critics.

Netrikan :artworks-000055447415-gb3u1x-t500x500

A God- fearing son finds a way to teach a lesson to his father who is a womanizer . This critically acclaimed role of middle aged man named CHAKRAVATHI is still a dream role for many young heroes of tamil cinema, where you will end up admiring the baddie 😉 .Thalaivar’s acting was beautifully supported by Illayaraja with his outstanding  BGMs. Of the 4, this is my favourite..


Did I miss any movie ? Which movie excites you the most. ? Do let me know in the comments below .

Once a Thalaivar fan, always a Thalaivar fan na 😛

Su-real-Scribbling a.k.a SruthiRaj.


One thought on “Yours Realistically, Rajinikanth

  1. Avala appadithaan, 16vayathineley, moondru Mugam, moondru muduchu, avargal, Gayathri, thappu thalangal, to name a few great movies of him – well written Sruthi

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