Destination : OMR

Slurp, bite, gulp, hoard. From filter kapi to spiciest vada pav and the messiest kati roll.  If having an excuse to ditch that diet, you are at the right place!

OMR is the *IT* place and its no more  Chennai-ku miga arigil, it is very much Chennai. This OMR food street is a landmark my itself, which you would not want to miss. Food Streets are a welcoming delicious trend.

Apart from variety, what is good about this place is the fact that everything is made in front of you once you order and so what you eat is fresh and hot. And And…everything is priced below Rs.100.

So when I was invited by the Chennai Bloggers Club to have a food walk with an open voucher worth Rs.300, My tongue and tummy was doing a Dhandanaka Dance.


Thatai Set Vadai (Rs 40):

A popular snack in Salem. sandwiching thattu vadai with a salad of grated carrot, beetroot, onion along with lemon, chaat masala and chaat chutney, is a fit for king starter


Cheese Kuzhi Paniyaram (Rs 60):

This light , snack was not very fluffy and cheese was just sprinkled over the panniyarams, instead stuffing them inside  was uninteresting.


Veg Nasi Goreng (Rs 65) :

VFM-4/5         Taste-3.5/5

With Kabali fever , my next holiday spot has to be Malaysia . So to prepare myself with all the taste of Malaysia  I wanted to try this iconic dish of them from NEW TOWN .The rice was aromatic, earthy and smoky flavor; owed to generous amount of caramelized sweet soy sauce which I enjoyed.

Mexican Wrap (Rs:60) :

When I think of international wraps, Mexican tops my list, that  combination of guacamole, refried corn nachos and oodles of cheese is truly irresistable. Wrapaholics sells something very close to my description at a steal price. Must try !

After international cusines, the next thing that’s on trend is Healthy food. This store named *BC 200* which is manged by Mr Kripukaran and his friends is  the Star Outlet to me. Usually healthy foods aren’t tasty, if tasted good they will be expensive. But *BC 200* breaks the monotomy and stands tall.

Red Rice Idli(Rs 30) :

These pretty pink idlis are surprisingly tasty, filling . served with sambar and chutney’s ,it was a total delight.


Not all sweet persons need to have a sweet tooth 😉 well that explains my taste palette. But when I spot an outlet that serves Waffles and Crepes I wanted to end my food walk with a sweet note.

Taste : 4/5                   VFM: 5/5

Chocolate Waffle (Rs 45): This feathery light , crispy waffles from ZUKI &Co is a gateway to happiness. Glistered with powdered sugar , runny whipped cream and strawberry coulis is a must have and I finished my vouchers in style.

The people who give you their food give you their heart, so apart from my orders I happened to try a few more which was generously shared by Subhiksha and Vidya .

Sodas (Rs10) -This addictive carbonated drink with artificial  colouring and flavoring will have a powerful effect in cleaning the palate

Cheese Sandwich(Rs 40) -Safe and Simple snack option , they had generous filling

Curd Boondhi (Rs40)-When you have nothing at home, buy a packet of boodhi and wip them curd and your tummy will be contented on the sense of having a meal, and you can try this dish.

Ice golas  (Rs 30)- How can you finish your street food without the tempting ice golas  Nothing can beat the heat like a dose of gola , and it reminded me of my childhood days.

Wherever you go, whenever you go and with whoever you go, one thing is for sure – the experience at Food Street is something that will give you overwhelming joy and extreme happiness.

For more info do contact OMR FOOD STREET by clicking Here

I have already given a detailed review of the very famous Ajnabi , Milkway and Stuffed , to read them please follow me on ZOMATO 

So first eat and then do everything else

Su- Real- Scriblling a.ka. SruthiRaj

New Town - OMR Food Street Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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